Monday, September 21, 2015

My Diary 21-09-2015

There was a quarrel again between you and me.

Yes, nothing fresh

You - over addicted to gadgets !

The phone, tab, ipad never get off from your hand for 5 minutes.

Plus, the TV is on, playing some movie.

I wonder how many eyesight you have ?

You ignore what is around you .. but you never realised.

You take it as "granted" and is your life.

Yes, is your life ! Totally & Completely your life.

Is not the first time I blame on this.

However, you never take into your heart.

Just like I said, you already take it as "granted"

You ignore my feeling at all.

When I complaint to you, you will said I will only think of bad side.

Damn shit ....

You never able to clap just using single hand.

You must use both hands to clap.

Means ... the problem not only from my side, but you must know your problem too.

Is not totally / solely is my problem now.

I am upset

I am frustrated

I am giving up

this kind of relationship won't be long lasting

I have nothing to say again ...

You have addicted to alcohol seriously ...

Which I no more stop you to drink

And you also take it as "granted" by getting more and more

I have no love in you

As you break my heart

You disappointing me again and again

I won't in love with you anymore

For me

You - are a father for my kids

You - are NOT my husband

That's it.

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