Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1 Malaysia ~ truly 1 Malaysia at Sabah

I remember have read someone blog's wrote his feeling when visited to Kota Kinabalu (KK), Sabah.

Here, in KK just other places, many restaurant you can find your favorite foods.  But have any of you notice one very unique scene ~ in a chinese kopitiam (cafe), you can see Malay or others were sitting and enjoying their foods.  In Malay cafe, chinese people will come in to have Soto.... 

At West Malaysia, you hardly find this kind of scene. A Malay guy was first time travel to KK to meet his friends. Then they brought him to a cafe for lunch. Surprisingly, on the way he saw a chinese kopitiam, selling Laksa and others food, then he saw a stall selling Malay food also in there. Inside the kopitiam, there are chinese, malay, kadazan, indian and foreigners are happily having their foods. He asked his friends :"Man, I can't see this happen in my place. Why they can sit in a shop like this ? This is non-halal section, there is halal section. At my place, malay only go into malay shops." 

His friends answer him: "Bro, this is called 1 Malaysia ~ truly 1 Malaysia that united together (no racist) in one place. There got separate section for Halal and Non-halal food. They just want to have their own food, and will not disturb to others. See, everyone are happy here."

With a big round eyes and a smile on his face, he slowly accepted the fact. Then he went into a chinese kopitiam, which sticked on the wall there : Serve No Pork.  He absorb the people around him, happily chatting with friends, having their own meal. Ya, it's true ! KK people so nice !

After I read this, I feel nothing special as I was born at KK and already get used to it.  It is not a big different or big issue about this. This show how KK people united and happily living in one place that no racism issue.

I found that people from West Malaysia that has been transferred to KK for working or studying, their usually hardly to leave KK because they just fall in love with KK.  This is KK, even not so developed compare with KL, but one thing cannot find in any places is ~ here is truly 1 Malaysia. Learn from KK people ! ^__^

Thursday, August 4, 2011

05 Aug 2011

05 Aug 2011

现在是农历七月~ 昨晚我家发生不可思议的事。半夜,我听到我的房门被推开,我被声​音吓醒了。。。一看去房门~ 天啊~ 有一个小黑影在我房门那边。开始我以为是我的儿子,但是儿子在我​身边,熟睡着 。。。 那时什么??我两手抱着我的两个宝贝。 望着那黑影, 我就骂:#@&(*%#, 你要做什么?。。。。。 忽然,那黑影站起来。真的是 @%&$$ ... 原来是“醉酒鬼” !!