Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 1 Tabata


Day 1

After a long long time and so many excuses. Finally, I try out this 4 minutes exercise - TABATA.

Weight: 59.2kg
Height: 165cm

First, I download the Tabata exercise apps and watch from youtube.

Workout = 20 seconds
Rest = 10 seconds
Complete = 8 sets

Since I have "inactive" for long long time, so for the 1st exercise, I take the simple jump / cycling / push up and running for my 1st Tabata training.

All the are simple exercise, but good enough to make me sweat like raining.  And I can feel my heartbeat, like has been completed few km runs. 

And that night, my legs pain "visit" me, my muscle like "stone".  I told my husband, my both legs starting quite painful, can't imagine by tomorrow how am I going to wake up. Hahahaha ....... 

The next day morning, yes, as what I expected - painful legs ! Especially when climbing stairs, okay, I'm just like old lady now, walking so slow, hahaha.

That is the worst as I quite Zumba last year, and stop for exercising for almost a year.  Although is pain but I feel good after this so called "light" exercise ...

Going to keep on until my weight drop .. hahaha

Good luck to me ! 

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