Friday, May 11, 2012

Mine 11052012

11 May 2012

I hope I can have a wish ~ a wish that I can go back to the time I never met him.

From my 1st pregnancy, I have saw the real face of this guy and his family.  They only care about baby and not me.  I been kicked, scolded by him for those minor and totally without any reason things.

Now I have 2 children, and our relationship become worst than ever.  

He never take care or concern about me.  Lucky I still got a job that I can have my own money to spend for myself or kids.  If depends on him than I will sure been scolded all the time.  He is totally not a gentleman !  

I feel happy with 2 kids but honestly I also need some of my private time to release my work pressure.  I only need less than 1 hour but I can't.  

He can play games, watch TV shows, play with his iPad and do anything he want.  He go out twice a week to play badminton with friends at night.  Yes, is a good habit to exercise himself.  But, always come back home after 11pm.  When his boss give him a call, sure he will go out and social again.  

He is at home or not, actually not much difference to me.  Same = no one can help me take care of my kids.  He blame that kids need mama more than papa.  Yes, my kids will call for mama almost for everything.  That make me sometimes feel tired.  But you as a papa, why can't you give some times with your children ?  You rather spare your time on iPad / iPhone / TV ??  You said you want a rest to release tension, then, how about me ?  

We seldom chit chat nowadays ... except talk about the children, we totally nothing to chat at all.  Sad ! 

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