Friday, January 14, 2011

Membakut wooden shop lot

on 14.01.2011 early morning around 6:30am, I received a call from my brother said that the shop had burnt. First thing came accross my mind: Where is Papa & Mama ? Where is eldest brother ? Praise to Lord, all 3 of them are safe.

Hwa Ying Company - is the name of the shop, was named by my grandpa. It is a wooden shop-house and we use to stay on the upstair. We stay together with my uncle's family for more than 1/2 century .... 

My parents and my eldest brother still stay there and our shop still operate like normal everyday. We ask our parents just to close down the shop and come to KK stay with us. But they ignore as they already lives at there for a long long time, and had been used to do the same thing everyday. Suddenly ask them retired, actually is quite hard for them. 

However, the shop had burnt now, and nothing left ........ only our memories playing in my mind now. How I grow up ? How naughty am I being climbing the staircase ? How many ice-cream I ate ? How many tip-bite I taste so far ? The wooden bench in front the shop ... become a cashier ... first time selling thing to customer ... first time got flush toilet ... my childhood wardrobe ... all thing has gone with the wind now.

I have call my brother and ask how is papa & mama ? He said both ok, some how still manage to make a joke. I can feel that my parents actually are very sad. My brother's childhood, who still live at Membakut. He told me he saw my parents was standing in front of the shop - looking at the fire, how the shop slowly varnish in front of their eyes .... so sad. I can understand the feeling, even I am not there during the happening.

I cry inside my heart because I got deep sad feeling on the place I have stay for about 12 years. Can imagine and know how sad for them who stay there for more than 50 years ...... 

Fire ... you have taken away my childhood place, you varnish it totally. 

The next day morning ........ 

The fire was said started around 11:30pm on 13.01.2011, whereby everyone already in sleeping mode. Someone spotted the smoke and fire, and quickly ring the emergency bell. Everyone wake up because the noisy bell and quickly run to safety place. Thank God that nobody was injured, All Safe.

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