Saturday, December 11, 2010

Love Yourself

Recently read so many news on the newspaper, can said up to 80% were sad & bring a negative impact to the public ... what's wrong with the community now ??

Last few days, a young guy - here called A, suicided because broke-up with his girl friend. Wow, can you believe it ... his facebook has been clicked and viewed how many times just because he posted his "last words" to the world ?  Before him, there was a case a young college student also did the same thing ... This guy; A, until today as I checked up my facebook account, still ... some of my friends are sharing his things, some even create a so called fan page account for him ... hey, what's going on ?? It's too much ?? too over ??

I don't think this is an good idea to "promote" him as he actually bring negative impact to the youngster out there.
I am not going to blame or to so called "promote" him or even anyone at here.  I just hope all these will stop soonest possible.

Hey, please love ourselves more as life is so precious.

Do you know, from pregnancy till born a baby, how is the feeling of a mother during that period ?  From a routine check-up - will be worried about how's the baby growing ? Am I getting enough nutrition for baby ? Physical and mentally changing .... sometimes even need consultancy.  There are lot more of worries as become a pregnant mom.  Then, come to final stage, pray for smooth labor.  Of course, there are many things  about pregnancy, will be share about pregnancy later.

Confinement ... take care baby, teach them, love them, play with them ... all these are full with LOVE.  When see you graduate, full of happiness as my children has grown up.  Hope he or she will be get better future, there no parents hope nothing or feel disappointed to their children.  Is the way their show out was misunderstood by children, and always think that "my parents do not love me at all".

Out there, many people ask for 2nd life ..... Can you see how many patients waiting for helps, just because they want to live in this world longer.  Have you heard that people fear about H1N1 ? fear about AIDS ? fear about Cancer ? Why ? Because they love their life, they scare to lose their own family & friends or anything else.

Last but not least, I don't know how many people will read this and I have to say sorry for my poor english.  I just feel we lack of sharing any GOOD news ..... Let us share around the world something good, something bring positive impact to all level people, please .......

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